Welcome to Binge’d, Where we summarise the best tv shows [ofc. no spoils] to binge watch next weekend, This edition its a Seinfeld tv show review, It’s a classic 90’s comedy sitcom, which ran for over 9 seasons, redefining the sitcom-era and comedy genre alike, Is a gemstone antidepressant.

The Cast :

Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld

George Costanza

Jason Alexander

Elaine Benese

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Cosmo Kramer

Michael Richards

Genre :

Ratings :







The show depicts the everyday life of characters and somehow makes us find the humor in their struggles. Some can say the story is cliche, But at the same time they find Friends very lovely.
We have the narcissistic Jerry, constantly mining the minutiae of everyday detail for every bit of situational comedy; we have the hyper-aggressive Elaine, whose strings of breakups with boyfriends are as impressive as her petty neuroses leading up to the breakups themselves; the ultimate schlub-loser George, who lies to every single woman he dates, sells faulty equipment to the handicapped and muscles off women and children when fleeing an apartment fire; and the impossibly inventive physical comedy of the entrepreneur cum schmooze Kramer.

The great thing about Seinfeld was that you could see a little bit of yourself in each of the 4 zingy protagonists. And you could ALWAYS recognize the dumb situations they found themselves in.

Seinfeld probably added more catch phrases to the English language than any other show in TV history. Brilliant writing that found humor in WORDS (such a concept) as well as SITUATION, Seinfeld owed much to the writing of Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David and others. So with great scripts, a perfect cast, and no respect for anything, Seinfeld marched along to his own drum and made us all captives of its brilliant wit.

Seinfeld servers as a great antidepressant, Definitely a good show to binge. It defines the classic humor approach towards the struggles on a nearly-broke stand-up comedian. The show ran for 9 Seasons, Won 3 Golden Globes, Another 70 wins & 182 nominations.


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