Hola, Welcome to Google Cloud Platform review for Web Hosting purposes, Today, We shall try to explain the complex-yet-friendly Google Cloud Platform policies and functionalities, While comparing it to other leaders in web-hosting industry, Including Inmotion Hosting, Amazon AWS, DigitalOcean etc.

Queue Google Cloud Platform :

I believe in only 2 things, God and Top-Notch quality from Alphabet.Inc AKA Google’s fake’s name. While Google Cloud Platform has been online since 2013-2014, Has only yet started gaining momentum in the past years because of its aggressive-pricing schemes.

Do you Know : GCP offers a totally free Computing thru its “single f1-micro” instance, Where you get 20% of a single virtual CPU (Burstable upto 30%), 600MB of memory with 30GB of persistent storage per month (5GB of snapshot storage) and 1GB of network bandwidth per month from the U.S. to each discrete egress destination.

Service Offered By GCP :

While Google Cloud Platform offers us almost every type of Cloud service one would ever require, Also, All the below services are available for Free-Tier too :

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While the lowest hardware : F1-Micro (which is available for free) can run low-level WordPress websites with upto 500-2k hits/Day easily. The recommended hardware n1-Standard, Able to stand upto 20k+ hits daily, Will cost you less than 50USD/Month.
Looks too much ? Dont worry. Google now also gives $300 for 12 Months, So it gets balanced somewhere.

Google App Engine vs Google Kubernetes Engine vs Google Compute Engine :

One can run a Website on all of these services offered by google cloud, But what does these mean ? Lets try to figure out :

Google Compute Engine


Virtual machines running in Google’s global data center network.

  • Complete control over your infrastructure and direct access to high-performance hardware.
  • Make OS-level changes, such as providing your own network or graphic drivers, to squeeze out the last drop of performance.
  • Customized Load-balancing and auto-scaling across homogeneous VMs.

Google App Engine


A flexible, zero ops platform for building highly available apps

  • Focus on writing code, and never touch a server, cluster, or infrastructure.
  • Build a highly reliable and scalable serving app or component.
  • Support for Java, Python, PHP, Go, Ruby, Node.js, and ASP.NET Core (beta) … or bring your own app runtime.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Google Kubernetes Engine

Logical infrastructure powered by Kubernetes, the open source orchestration system.

  • Increase velocity and improve operability dramatically by separating the app from the OS.
  • You need a secure, scalable way to manage containers in production.
  • Logical infrastructure – focus on your app components, not virtual machines.

For the more basic understanding, One should use :
Google App Engine : For easy and fast website deployment.
Google Kubernetes Engine :  For vastly distributed websites, Using multiple servers at once.
Google Compute Engine : Closest thing to a standard self-managed VPS, Install OS, Stacks and engines just like on any other vps host.

Payment And Setup :

Google Cloud Platform offers easy billing setup. Their billing type is known as Threshold billing: Costs are charged when your account has accrued a specific amount. You can also opt for monthly billing irregardless of your usage.
On the Payment side, Google Computing Platform only accepts debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo. For some countries, You can even use Bank Account Transfers as a payment method.

Knowledge-Base :

Being Google and all, GCP has acquired a very on-point, Well-written documentation that covers all aspects from turning on your very first server, Billings and Payments and Everything else from Here : https://cloud.google.com/docs/

Customer Support :

The supergiant in Web-tech, Google rarely gives anybody chances to complain. There exist 3 tiers of support, On-Site Wiki, Free-Support Team (Community) And Premium Support team divided into 3 classes : Silver (150$), Gold (400$) and Platinum ($-Consult only). Our day to day problems can be easily solved for free and if there happens to be a catastrophic incident, One can pay for help to Google. GCP Support : https://cloud.google.com/support/ 

Google Cloud Platform support


When Google, The Swiss-army toolkit of web, Says we have also launched Hosting services and computational models, One should take it. Even when one has no use of it. With their aggressive Almost-Free F1-Micro, GCP sets his eyes on AWS territory. If money is no problem, And your needs include a Resource hogging, Highly-engaging website with pretty decent traffic, We Recommend heavily that you try out Google Cloud Platform services.

People React :

97 %
Customer Service
70 %
Easiness of backend
60 %
Verification Procedure
85 %
Cost Effective
74 %
99 %
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