Welcome to the Forth episode of CSGO Loadout, Here we analyze the best skins across the steam community market. Every week we’ll help you get the best bang for your buck, highlight the best player inventories and clue you in on some must-buy skins. This week we bring you CSGO Best Ak47 Skins as of 2019 August.
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5. AK-47 : Point Disarray [MW]


Up close it is chaos… from a distance it is beauty – Franz Kriegeld, Phoenix Tactician

For the abstract lovers, This gun is all about creativity. It has been custom painted with a geometric hydro-graphic. It looks good all across quality meter, But we have found that AK47 | Point Disarray : Minimal Wear is the perfect skin for its artwork and Value for money. Looks good without stickers !
Steam Listing : Here.
Average Price : $30.
Collection Case : The Revolver Case Collection

4. AK-47 : Fuel Injector [FT]

ak-fuel injector

Live your life a quarter mag at a time.

For the masses, Here a reliable skin for a reliable weapon. AK-47 | Fuel Injector has always been in the Top5 AK Skins in CSGO. It looks almost very same across all wears, So we recommend you go with Field-Tested for proper Value for Money. A very good skin if you want to create a Fuel-Injector series collection. Looks good with One HOLO Sticker on the butt.
Steam Listing : Here.
Average Price : $50.
Collection Case : The Wildfire Collection

3. AK-47 : Asiimov [Minimal Wear]


Anyone can predict the future… a visionary shapes it.

One more bloodline skin, AK-47 : Asiimov is yet another choice for series collectors. It’s neutral white theme with orange lines looks very sincere. The perfect choice if you want a quality skin that’s not flashy. Of-course as with all other Asiimovs, The Ak-47 version looks quite rugged (BAD) in wears below Minimal. We don’t recommend FN, But with some NAVI Holos, FN AK Asiimov looks like a collectors item.
Steam Listing : Here.
Average Price : $65.
Collection Case : The Danger Zone Collection

2. AK-47 | Bloodsport [Factory New]

Co-driver wanted.
Is that a Formula-1 Car ? We Wish, AK-47 | Bloodsport is the absolute love of every professional AK Marksman. With red and black hydrographic base and colorful Logos all around, This thing is a beauty. Such a beauty, A Fine piece of work. We recommend its Factory New version with that extra laminated shine.
Steam Listing : Here.
Average Price : $70.
Collection Case : The Spectrum Collection.

1. AK-47 | The Empress [MW]


Wealth comes in many forms.

The list is over, We have declared the best AK-47 Skin on Steam Market currently, It the Queen, The First Page Celebrity, Its AK-47 | The Empress. It has been custom painted using the Empress tarot card as inspiration. Along with its counterpart M4-A4 Emperor, We say its the best collection ever. Recommended wear : Minimal. Looks deadly sexy if one can afford Factory New. The perfect gun for the Mighty and CSGO Best AK47 Skin.
Steam Listing : Here.
Average Price : $75.
Collection Case : The Spectrum Collection.

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