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The Great Gift Of Technology & Adafruit Corp, So Much To Love About Raspberry Pi, All Here with details.

Raspberry Pi 4 : The Hottest Pie Yet ! Review+Where To...

Its finally here, I cant believe my eyes. The Pi Foundation this morning just announced a BRAND-NEW, SUPER BUFFED RASPBERRY PI 4 ! And Yes,...
ubuntu mate raspberry pi review

Sudo’ed : Ubuntu Mate Review on Raspberry Pi 3B+ !

Welcome to the Ubuntu mate on Raspberry Pi 3, The most complete Desktop experience? available on Raspberry Pi devices. Today we shall rate Ubuntu Mate...

Sudo’ed : Android 7.1.1 Reviewed On Raspberry Pi 3 !

Welcome to the review of LineageOS 14.1, The most complete & Stable Android build for our beloved Raspberry Pi 3B(+). We have installed our...

rPi 3 : Easy multiple OS booting with PINN Tutorial.

Welcome to another Raspberry Pi 3 post, In this post we shall : Know About Multi-boot capabilities on Raspberry Pi 3. Find more about...

Sudo’ed : LibreElec Reviewed On Raspberry Pi 3 !

Welcome to the review of LibreElec, The just enough Kodi-powered operating system available for Raspberry Pi 3. Today we shall rate LibreElec along the...

Watching IPL ( & Live Indian TV) on Raspberry Pi 3...

Indian Premiere League is an international cricket event where different club bid and make teams with players from different countries. Its a big...

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