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Dear Valve, Why did you kill Counter Strike 1.6 ?

Hey guys, Welcome to an another Counter Strike post ! If you are an old reader, You know well about my habits. If you're...

CSGO Loadout : 5 Best AK47 Skins !

Welcome to the Forth episode of CSGO Loadout, Here we analyze the best skins across the steam community market. Every week we’ll help you...
What Role Should you Play In CSGO ?

[QUIZ] [CSGO] : What Role Should you Play In CSGO ?

Welcome to the ultimate Counter Strike : Global Offensive Quiz: What Role Should you Play In CSGO ? The quiz covers all the major...

Newbie Guide : How To Practice CSGO ?

People Often wonder where to start in such a competitive game. Here's our Newbie Guide : How To Practice CSGO. Follow our guide and...

Counter Strike [GO] : Using Emotions To Play Better.

Hey Guys, Welcome to another Counter Strike : Global Offensive post. A game that requires hours of Hard-work, Determination, Visualization and Guts to get...

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Playing Counter-Terrorist : As an Counter-Terrorist, The players really need to focus on their HUD's, while peeking and patiently monitoring their choke-points on the maps, till...